experience of Hugo

12 may 2000 Born in Orsay
2004-2009 Primary School in Palaiseau

First and second grade at the age of 7.

Family supported him and created the ‘method’ – Jumped 5th

2009–2010 Junior High School – 6th grade in Palaiseau

Sept 2010 Got accepted to Lycée Claude Bernard (5th district Paris) at the age of 10

2010–2012 10th and 12th (in Science)

June 2012 High School Degree in Science with First-class Honours at the age of 12

Sept 2012 Started studying at l’Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne at the age of 12

2012–2015 Bachelor EPFL

2015–2017 Ecole Polytechnique of Lausanne (Master)

2012–2016 Law Studies at La Sorbonne via online courses (Audiovisual Program for Law Studies)

June 2016 Bachelor in Law at La Sorbonne

February 2017 Polytechnician (Master Specialised in IT) at the age of 16

June 2017 Master Degree in Law at La Sorbonne at the age of 17

2017 University of Lille (Villeneuve d’Asq) PhD in IT

20 April 2018 Dissertation Defense 13 months later. PhD in IT at the age of 17.

Early 2018 Got accepted at Oxford (UK) at the age of 17 for a second PhD in lab specialised in Cyber Security

Derrière l’expérience d’Hugo, se cache peut-être l’une des expériences étudiantes les plus marquantes de l’histoire moderne universelle. Alors que nous vivons une époque où les bouleversements technologiques, démographiques et économiques nous amènent à devoir repenser les relations sociales, les parcours de vie et, donc, les systèmes éducatifs, la méthode qu’a utilisée Hugo est conçue pour être transmissible et adaptable aux jeunes de tous les pays.


In High School

He was the youngest pupil of his class (10 years old)

6 Classes

Hugo jumped 6 classes: Both Fist and Second grade at the same time, 5th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade and 10th grade.


Not yet 18, he defends his Thesis at the University of Lille.


The youngest scholar of the University of Lille.

13 months

He completed his PhD in just 13 months (normally it takes 3 years)


A short stay in Lille and then went to Oxford for a 2nd PhD.

Both Second and Third grade at the same time

High School Degree in Science with First-class Honours

PhD in IT

Studies for a 2nd PhD at Oxford

Hugo is currently the youngest PhD according to the Guinness Records. (Confirmation from the Guinness Records is pending)

Hugo studied for his Thesis at the University of Lille Villeneuve d’Asq and we were wondering, ’ Will he be able to carry out normally high-level research despite his young age?’ When Hugo successfully defended his Thesis, Olivier Colot said: ‘it was not as usual, it was EXCEPTIONAL

Olivier Colot, Professor and Director of the Cristal Lab

“Normally it takes 3 years to achieve a Thesis in IT, but once they saw that my results were convincing enough after 13 months, the University called me so I could defend it.” Hugo explains.

Olivier Colot, Professor and Director of the Cristal Lab

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